Nations, regions, identity - a federal perspective

This is a guest post from Horațiu Ferchiu. He is a planning professional and independent researcher with interests spanning from strategic planning, governance, and policy to politics, and federal Europe. He is currently brainstorming his future PhD subject around federalism and development. This article sums up some of his preliminary findings and thoughts, and is the first in a series of three articles meant to tie federalism and spatial planning together. While this might seem like an intensely political debate, the current European economic situation forces us to look into…

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6 reasons for mixing politics with spatial planning and development

Politics – one of the reasons the world goes round, or is it just a result of the world going round? Not really an easy question. One thing that anyone agrees upon though, is that politics (good or bad, doesn’t really matter) can make or brake economies (whatever the level: global, European, national, local, personal), and with these any chance of future spatial development. Politics, in our context, are not a result of social relations, but the compound formed by social relations which involve power and authority, and the use…

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