Planning Theory

6 reasons for mixing politics with spatial planning and development

Politics – one of the reasons the world goes round, or is it just a result of the world going round? Not really an easy question. One thing that anyone agrees upon though, is that politics (good or bad, doesn’t really matter) can make or brake economies (whatever the level: global, European, national, local, personal), and with these any chance of future spatial development. Politics, in our context, are not a result of social relations, but the compound formed by social relations which involve power and authority, and the use…

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What is this thing called “European spatial planning”?

A very common arrangement of technical terms in some academic and professional circles and a very daunting one in others. European spatial planning creates intense and unending debates regarding what it actually is, and what is its purpose. A majority of these debates spur from cultural and language differences making it difficult to bring everyone in agreement. Giving an all around valid definition has been a difficult task for most academics that attempted it. However, this is not the task of this article, but rather to lay out general principles…

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