Multi-level Governance

Call for 16 twinning partners. Multi-level governance study in support of Europe 2020

The consortium I am part of as a consultant, lead by Spatial Foresight was commisioned by DG Regio to carry out a “Study on promoting multi-level governance in support of Europe 2020”. The study aims at generating lessons from policy experiences and at stimulating the learning and exchange between regions. As part of the study we are looking for 16 twinning partners (European regions or cities) interested in partnering with 8 case study regions on improving multi-level governance: DEADLINE 22 January 2014 The study focuses on two specific policy fields…

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Assessing EU Regional Policy: past, present, and future.

There is probably no surprise that the recent EU enlargements that brought the membership count up to 27, have actually pinpointed some major integration challenges that affected both existing and new member states. Considering this context and the EU regional policy’s contribution to the enlargement processes, it is maybe interesting to question how appropriate is this policy to deal with future enlargements and regional disparities. This is even more important now, as the economic crisis makes the future of some European countries uncertain. The first challenge Looking back at…

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