European Spatial Planning

What is this thing called “European spatial planning”?

A very common arrangement of technical terms in some academic and professional circles and a very daunting one in others. European spatial planning creates intense and unending debates regarding what it actually is, and what is its purpose. A majority of these debates spur from cultural and language differences making it difficult to bring everyone in agreement. Giving an all around valid definition has been a difficult task for most academics that attempted it. However, this is not the task of this article, but rather to lay out general principles…

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European Spatial Planning Perspective. Who? What? Why?

European Spatial Planning Perspective is a project started on the basis that spatial planning, and especially European spatial planning deserve a more focused and hands-on approach in the online publishing world. Another motivation was the debate started by Ronny Patz regarding the issues and the lack of specialisation of the EU blogosphere, which after some research confirmed that indeed there is a lack of blogs and bloggers which address spatial planning issues in a European context. I am not an academic by trade (at least not yet!), so I will…

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