Alexandru F. Ghita

European Spatial Planning Consultancy

Dear readers, I will start out this post with an apology for my absence and lack of content in the last months. My absence has been motivated by my efforts to put together a number of projects in different fields and directions, which I am proud to say have started to bear some fruitful results. As a direct result of the work I have done, I am happy to announce that in the coming weeks I will be launching my own consultancy office in Bucharest, Romania, which will mainly focus…

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European Spatial Planning Perspective. Who? What? Why?

European Spatial Planning Perspective is a project started on the basis that spatial planning, and especially European spatial planning deserve a more focused and hands-on approach in the online publishing world. Another motivation was the debate started by Ronny Patz regarding the issues and the lack of specialisation of the EU blogosphere, which after some research confirmed that indeed there is a lack of blogs and bloggers which address spatial planning issues in a European context. I am not an academic by trade (at least not yet!), so I will…

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