European Spatial Planning Perspective. Who? What? Why?

European Spatial Planning Perspective is a project started on the basis that spatial planning, and especially European spatial planning deserve a more focused and hands-on approach in the online publishing world. Another motivation was the debate started by Ronny Patz regarding the issues and the lack of specialisation of the EU blogosphere, which after some research confirmed that indeed there is a lack of blogs and bloggers which address spatial planning issues in a European context.

I am not an academic by trade (at least not yet!), so I will be writing from the viewpoint of the professional town and regional planner (by Anglo-Saxon terminology) or urbanist (by French terminology) with a very strong passion for the European project, and its implications for spatial development. I chose to write a blog because as academics already noticed the field of European spatial planning is populated with numerous academic books and journals, but regardless of how many, the field is still limited. The limitation doesn’t come from the lack of knowledge (which is actually abundant), but as Andreas Faludi notices in his latest book, from the dependence on contracted research required for generating material. This is even more evident in the online bubble, as the number of professionals blogging or writing articles on or related to European spatial planning is close to none.

In my personal opinion the online medium requires a more human and explanatory approach to the analysis of European spatial planning issues, policy and effects, as professional and academic worlds make this already complex subject even more confusing. Moreover, the fact that a European spatial planning policy doesn’t actually exist raises numerous questions even in the most elevated scholar circles. Combine all the issues together and add the inter-disciplinary character (as I will detail in a following post) of planning and the resulting monster will be intimidating even for the more seasoned professionals.

I encourage any constructive criticism, and I would especially ask my fellow planning peers to participate in the discussions either through comments or more elaborate responses if they wish. As English is not my first language please feel free to bring to my attention any mistakes or language caused confusions. For any other information please feel free to contact me through the contact form, or on Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

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