About me and this blog (again)

I'm Alexandru F. Ghita, urban & regional planner, independent consultant and researcher based in Bucharest, Romania.

Some of you might know me as the author of the European Spatial Planning Perspective (ESPP), a blog I created in 2012 in order to bring more attention to the field of European spatial planning and make it more digestible for the general public (read more about this below).

My work in brief

My training and education in the field of urban & regional planning is the basis for much of my work, however, the multidisciplinary approach taken by planning education and its curriculum guided my curiosity, so after some years I can position my work and expertise somewhere at the interesection between planning, politics, economy, technology and sociology.

I currently focus on a variety of topics, which marry a lot of my interests: European spatial planning, regionalization processes, urban development, multi-level governance, public participation, territorial development and analysis, and the role of technology in planning theory and practice.

I am an active supporter of open data, the use of open-source software when possible (and productive!), and I am a little bit of a tech and productivity nerd, so you will most likely find me tinkering with some kind of new technology or software periodically.

What I've accomplished so far

  • In 2007 I got my urban planning bachelors degree;
  • At the end of 2007 I opened my first urban planning and architecture business that functioned until late 2010;
  • In 2010 I felt I needed to further develop my skills and knowledge, so I moved to Sheffield for a one year MA in Town and Regional planning (this is where I integrated the European component into my view about spatial planning). I graduated in 2011.
  • in 2012 after a short break I launched the European Spatial Planning Perspective Blog, which got some unexpected praises from respected academics in the field;
  • In 2013 I became an affiliated expert for the Romanian Centre for European Policies covering spatial planning and territorial issues;
  • By the end of 2013 I opened my own international consulting office focusing on spatial planning at the European level;
  • In 2013 I was also named a co-optee board member for the Regional Studies Association, and put in charge of social media and online content;
  • In 2014 along with some innovative colleagues I started a planning niche-oriented think-tank in Romania: the Centre for Urban and Territorial Development.
  • Fueled by my curiosity and work regarding multi-level governance, public policy and administration, in 2015 I started my second MA in Administration and Public Policy in the EU at the University of Bucharest.

What happened to the European Spatial Planning Perspective?

When I first started the ESPP blog my focus was clear - deliver knowledge about spatial planning at European level for the masses. However, lately my interests have become more and more eclectic, so even though it has been the catalyst for my recent professional and academic endeavours, I abandoned the blog for some time.

The ESPP blog is not really dead, as the posts are still available here for future reference, but I found that my former blog concept was too rigid in relation to my current interests.

What now?

I wanted to come back to online publishing for some time now, but I could not find the appropriate format and concept and it always came out too complicated. So I went back to basics.

I stripped down my technical necessities, renounced Wordpress - not because it isn't good, only because it was to complicated for my needs, migrated to Ghost and here it is. A new and simpler blog, with a focus on content.

What I write about?

A varried assortment of planning related issues, mainly revolving around my professional and academic activity:

  • spatial planning and territorial issues at European, national and local levels;
  • topics melting together planning, politics, economy, technology and sociology;
  • experimenting with technology and software mostly related to spatial analysis;
  • life as a planner, consultant and researcher;
  • my academic curiosities and research.

In conclusion, stick around if you want to read more. For an introduction to my writing, you can check out the old posts from ESPP is you like.

If you want to learn more, exchange emails about interesting stuff or hire me send me an email and I'll get back to you.